Short Stories

Glad to see you’ve made it here! Here are some short stories free to read, a little taste of how I write. If they tickle your fancy, head over to the book tab and check out my longer works. Even if that’s not your cup of tea, I hope you’ll vote on any you read.

A short excerpt from Mates:

“Stop the wedding!” A deep voice called out as the doors slammed open. Everyone’s attention
shifted; curious what drama would ensue. A mess of dark hair and muscle strode down the aisle,
exuding power and confidence. Struck by fear, my eyes wandered around the room. I didn’t even
know why he showed up, certain he’d moved on. My heart was racing faster than ever at this
change of events. I’d given him so many chances to speak up, and he hadn’t. Why now?

Excerpt from Bonded:

My tattoo burned, a sensation I had only felt twice. It burned when it had first appeared,
and it burned when it had filled itself in. It was said to be impossible for anyone to have more
than one pair-bond. Yet, here we were, tattoos filled in again. That couldn’t be possible. I’d
never heard of getting a second pair-bond.

A Queen and her King excerpt:

Hades was only a few feet away in the room; a tall, dark, silhouette. “I can feel you standing
there. Do you require an invitation?” As always, his voice was calm and controlled.

Irritation flared at his words, and I struggled to keep my voice steady. “You can’t even face me?”

Without a word, he spun around. I flinched at his blotchy face, disgusted we were in this
situation, but unwilling to ignore my boundaries. Sighing, his eyes met mine. “I’m sorry.”

I shook my head, attempting to erase the effects of his voice without success. In just two words,
my anger dissipated. Suddenly my body felt very heavy. “You trapped me into living your
perfect fantasy life, and all you can say is you’re sorry?”