Welcome to My Page!

Welcome, welcome to my site…. Come in, come in! I do not bite.

I’m a hopeless romantic who appreciates the darker side of the romance genre. The characters I write are not simple, each of them knowing the cruel reality of life. It is brutal and hard, tumbling one thing after another until there’s nothing left. Even in those darkest moments, light will poke it’s sunny little face in, making it all worth it. For me, those rays of sunshine are the people in my life that I cherish. My character’s feel the same thing with each other, creating a beautiful and complex world.

I’m sure that sounds like one heck of a promise, but bare with me! I never begin my plotting without a well developed character, who then guides me through a story from their life. I have acting experience & always dreamed of one day performing, making this a fun activity! I get into their heads and play their character as I get to know them. With a slight boost of creativity from my buddy, cannabis, I zone out with some LED lights, music and my notebook.

My fingers are crossed that enticed you even a little. Perhaps I sound crazy, and maybe that’s why you’re still reading, but Love is such a complex emotion how can you not explore the rest of them?

Take a look at some of my short stories, most of them less than 2,000 words! A few minutes of reading, and maybe you’ll have found a new author of interest.

IF THEY ARE NOT ON MY SITE YET IM SO SORRY. You’ll find them on my page soon. My computer knowledge ends at typing on Word, hence the notebook for plotting. This site may take a minute to figure out. After all, it was created more than a year ago and I’m just now revamping it. Hope you stick with me anyway!

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